The request for the cancellation of your order must be made within 48 hours; by doing so, you can avail of a full refund with a complete entirety of your account.

It is an obligation of the customer to Email and Whatsapp/Live Chat, our customer support representative, to request Cancellation of his/her order.

If the Cancellation of your order is made after 48 hours, there will be a 35% deduction from your paid amount.

Order Cancellation made in 5 days before delivery will bring about a swift deduction of 50% from the amount you paid.

You (customers) cannot make an Order Cancellation after five days of order confirmation. Furthermore, no request for cancellation will be accepted if the order is dispatched, but you will still be able to avail yourself of 30 days easy return policy. You are just required to ship the product back to us and get your entire amount refunded.