The California Outfits is the brand name that goes hand in hand with elegance, quality, and trust. The brand is relentlessly making efforts to serve its customers better, providing an exceptionally excellent online shopping experience. California Outfits is firmly based on its significant policies, developed to better serve its customers. The following are the guidelines provided for our customers who shop online from our website.

Our Privacy Policy is formulated for a safe and secure purchasing process, promoting mutual trust and loyalty between the customer (you) and California Outfits. Suppose you have any queries regarding the purchase procedure. In that case, there are a few Frequently Asked Questions mentioned in the subsequent section to provide you with proper guidance regarding our Privacy Policy and Security measures taken to ensure a safe transaction.

Why we need your data/information?
When you are shopping online, you are always asked to provide a standard set of information to proceed with the purchase procedure. To commence the product purchase procedure, we are required to collect customer’s globally legible information, like your demographics, legal name, valid email address, preferred delivery destination, postal address, and valid phone number for making a purchase or signing up for our newsletter. Customers are always welcome to visit our web-store privately, whether they are signed up/registered to our website or not.

Why we collect your data/information?
The data collected from our website’s user feedback and responses are used to improve our products and services, which are further used to enhance our user experience and our online platform.

Our website does not transfer, sell, exchange, or give your sensitive data/information to third parties. However, we do share some primary information to a third party that a courier service department that is your (customer’s) mailing address and your valid phone number, which is necessary for starting the delivery process that is to dispatch your purchased product to your destination.

What do we do to protect your data/information?
Our foremost responsibility is to protect customers’ personal data/information by implementing various top security practices offered on the internet. We ensure your (customer’s) security whenever you visit our website or submit your sensitive data while logging in or signing up. All the customers’ transactions are protected by using a secure server. Each transaction transfers a bundle of your (customer’s) sensitive information, which includes credit card number or PayPal account, which is acquired through SSL (Secure Server Layer) and is then encrypted and protected through suppliers’ database’s payment gateway. Here, we protect the customer’s information/data, and we have access to all the details the customer has provided to complete the transactions.

Soon after the completion of a successful transaction, we erase any of your personally identifiable information/data, for example, your social security number, your credit card PIN, etc. Still, we do store some minute details from your data, which is your email address, mailing address, and other preferences, including your ordering history (in unique authorized systems), which will help you retrieve your purchase/order details to buy something else in the future.

Do we use cookies to load our website with ease?
Yes, we do use cookies to enhance your online experience and offer the best services we can deliver to the end-user (customer). Cookies are small bits of data files that are saved on your computer by the web browser, solely with your consent; however, these tiny bits of files enable us to recognize you when you revisit our web store and provide you our services even better. Cookies are the best way through which we can recall your browser behavior and retrieve your essential information easily.
These cookies facilitate the customers to retrieve their last visit and assist them in carrying on their shopping journeys, that is, retrieval of the in-cart items and future shopping preferences.

Do we sell your data/information to third parties?
No, we do not, and we will never sell your personal data/information, i.e., your mailing addresses, email address, phone number, credit card number, or any other sensitive data/information, to third parties. But, we might exchange your (customer’s) unidentifiable usage experience with our trusted third parties for advertisement and secure marketing purposes.

Do we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?
Yes, we comply with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act). We can assure you that we neither collect data nor trade with kids under 13 years on our server. Our website, services, and products are for people more than 13 years of age.

Does this policy apply everywhere on this website?
Yes, this policy applies to all the information we collect online via our server and website. However, this policy doesn’t apply to our offline information gathering.

How do you receive customer’s consent?
When a customer visits our website, he/she is intentionally giving his/her expressed consent to agree with our privacy policies and information-handling processes.

How can you (a customer) reach us (California Outfits) for additional information?
Customers can contact us via our Email/Whatsapp/Live Chat or directly on our social media platform, e.g., Facebook pages, Twitter, etc., for more information. In case of any losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses arising from the use of this website to a customer, he/she could contact our customer care department through the contacts provided in the section at the end of this page.

What else do you need to know?
If a customer is interested in availing benefits of shopping with us, i.e., The California Outfits, it is highly recommended that he/she must read our policies cautiously. The California Outfits invested in making an easy shopping procedure for your convenience by accepting PayPal and credit cards with an online secure transaction service to order anything presented on our web store.